How I found the Chanel ‘water bottle’

As soon as Chanel started to run ads for FACTORY 5 I was curious about what was going on.

I’ve been really excited about the ‘100’th birthday of Chanel No 5 on the 5th May (I put it in quotes as No 5 was not really launched on 5th of May but that’s another video). I even went to Chanel on Bond Street to see what they were doing for the anniversary – turned out they were doing nothing.

So I started to search for FACTORY 5 but could find nothing – things just linked back to the No 5 page.

Then I noticed two three things:

  • there’s an actual link to FACTORY 5
  • the link has got some broken HTML in it
  • when you click the link it goes to the regular Channel page

This is what the google search looked like:

Chanel FACTORY 5 search

This is where the link went

Chanel No 5 page

Taking a closer look at that link:

Close up of No 5 water link
Close up of No 5 water link

But then i also noticed that google showed ‘Traduire cette page’ which is basically cache (my browser is in French – don’t ask).

I clicked on that and …..

Chanel FACTORY 5 product page

This is what I assumed happened – the FACTORY 5 pages have been created on the Chanel Web site (I think they are using Gatsby on the SAP Cloud to be technical). The <br> is HTLM for a line break but it’s in the title – so it may be that this meant that the page was not filed properly on the web site – again to be technical it’s a field value in the CMS, which in turn meant that it did not fall under the correct security settings so was not private but public. Also, there’s a setting to stop google from putting a page in search ‘no robots’, this may have been missed too.